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Melissa McCarney is the founder of Epiphany Effect. She is a strategic and authentic leader with an extensive background in strategy, change communications, customer experience, and marketing.

Prior to launching Epiphany Effect, Melissa was the General Manager, Group Marketing and Communications at Mortgage Choice for over 6 years. She was a member of the Executive leadership team and led the marketing, corporate affairs and call centre functions.

After completely transforming the marketing function she led eight company-wide strategic change and communication programs related to brand strategy, customer experience, strategic planning, regulatory change, IT rollouts, operations, and organisational restructures.

Prior to Mortgage Choice, Melissa was the Head of Strategic Change at Aussie. She led the short and long-term strategic planning process for the company and many internal consulting projects.

Melissa has a Bachelor of Business, Major in Marketing and has been trained in Design Thinking. She is known for her thought leadership, influencing skills and ability to corral multiple stakeholders to a common cause. Melissa is an expert facilitator, a highly regarded presenter and she gets a kick out of bringing people together to solve complex business problems.


We’ll build the right team

Because each project is different, when required, Melissa will build the right team of experts from her trusted network to ensure the best outcome for her clients.

Let’s ignite change so the potential of your business can be made possible

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